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"The Tioga Kid" is a remake of 1946's "Driftin' Kid" with only slight plot changes - hero Eddie Dean now has an identical twin brother working with the outlaws of stock from the original, all of the songs are recycled, most of the character names are the same, and the main difference is Jennifer Holt is now playing the role that Shirley Patterson had in "Driftin' River" as "Jenny Morgan," while most of the original cast - Dennis Moore, William Fawcett, Lee Bennett - are also here using the same character role names and, in some instances, the same footage. Eddie Dean and sidekick Soapy Jones return some stolen cattle (instead of horses) to Jenny Morgan, and Eddie runs off ranch hand Tucson Brown, who is working with the outlaws, led by Joe Morino, that includes Eddie's (unknown to him) twin Clint Mason/The Tioga Kid. After Jenny sees a wanted poster that makes her think Eddie is the Tioga Kid, Eddie has a hard time before bringing the gang to justice, aided by the change-of-heart Tioga Kid. Dean has more shirt changes than usual because of the dual role and stock footage from "Driftin' River."
Ranger Eddie Dean is looking for the outlaw the Tioga Kid, a man he closely resembles. He runs into Joe Morino and his gang of rustlers at the same time Tioga arrives to cut himself into Morino's game. But Morino doesn't give in and in the showdown, Eddie and the Kid find themselves on the same side.
Cowboy crooner Eddie Dean has a dual role in this one, that of his regular character using his own name, and that of outlaw Clip Mason, The Tioga Kid. Their paths cross at Dow City in the Tombstone Territory of Arizona, when Eddie and sidekick Soapy Jones (Roscoe Ates) get wind of a cattle rustling operation. They hire on as hands for pretty rancher Jenny Morgan (Jennifer Holt), while Eddie tries to find out more about the outlaw that looks just like him. One tip for viewers, good guy Eddie - white shirt; bad guy Tioga - black shirt.<br/><br/>One wouldn&#39;t consider Dean to be one of the more physical cowboys, he seems slighter of build than most. That doesn&#39;t prevent him from having some of the wilder fist fights you&#39;ll see in a Western. Nothing in the vicinity is safe; in this one a brawl in a bunkhouse takes out a wood stove, table and a bunk.<br/><br/>Be attentive during a bar room battle when Dean, as Tioga, takes on town boss Joe Marino (Dennis Moore); one of Marino&#39;s henchmen hits him on the left side of the head with a bottle, but you&#39;ll see him grab the right side of his head as he goes down.<br/><br/>It looks like Roscoe&#39;s Soapy character is a goner in this one, he gets shot off his horse by one of Marino&#39;s henchies, but it turns out he&#39;s only winged in the arm. One of Soapy&#39;s better lines in the film - &quot;Well I&#39;ll be the uncle of a prairie dog!&quot; <br/><br/>Dean&#39;s horse Flash is co-billed with Eddie at the start of the film, but did you know that he actually appeared with four different horses in his films? Depending on the movie, you&#39;ll see him riding either War Paint, White Cloud, Copper or Flash. Eddie didn&#39;t want any of his horses upstaging him.<br/><br/>Fans of Dean&#39;s singing voice won&#39;t be disappointed here, he does three original tunes written for the movie. &quot;Driftin&#39; River&quot; opens the film, followed later by &quot;Way Back in Oklahoma&quot;. After saving the day in the story, Soapy suggests that maybe Eddie and Jenny ought to hitch up, but his response in song says otherwise - &quot;Ain&#39;t No Gal Got a Brand on Me&quot;.<br/><br/>For trivia buffs, Eddie Dean&#39;s real name was Edgar Dean Glosup.
When it&#39;s discovered that Texas Ranger Eddie Dean and The Tioga Kid, notorious outlaw are lookalikes, Texas Ranger Captain Terry Frost decides Dean is the guy to investigate some reported horse thieving that The Tioga Kid has been accused of.<br/><br/>Well The Tioga Kid has been besmirched the real horse thieving is headed by Dennis Moore, but that doesn&#39;t stop The Tioga Kid from wanting a cut of the action that he&#39;s being accused of heading anyway. About this time Dean and sidekick Roscoe Ates arrive and Dean gets to meet Dean and starts reassess the situation and his life in general.<br/><br/>The Tioga Kid, the last PRC film to go before the movie-going public is simply reedited from a previous Dean film Driftin&#39; River. A lot of the same cast members repeated their roles. It didn&#39;t get any better with a title change.<br/><br/>My big objections was the outlaw band massacring a cavalry patrol and the whole sequence is repeated. If the Texas Rangers didn&#39;t get them, you can be sure the US Cavalry would have as these people don&#39;t even bother to disguise themselves in any way. Kind of stupid to do that because there would be no place they could flee to in the USA with that hanging over their heads.<br/><br/>Eddie Dean had a nice singing voice and it&#39;s a pity he was not showcased the way those Republic Picture cowboys were.

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