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A thriller centered on a young man who sets out to uncover the truth about his life after finding his baby photo on a missing persons website.
Nathan is at high school. He discovers a younger picture of himself on a missing persons register. Once he starts investigating, he is drawn into a game of intrigue involving the CIA and foreign agents, where nothing is what it seems and nobody can be trusted.
The premise of the movie, the veteran cast and a talented director were the reasons why I wanted to see this film, despite Taylor Lautner and that the trailer looked awful. Okay, I&#39;ll give the film some credit, it is not as bad as the trailer suggested.<br/><br/>However, the rest is hopelessly bland. The direction is rather plodding and never really that focused. Abduction doesn&#39;t necessarily look cheap, but the editing lacks finesse and feels stilted and the camera angles often have a dry and frenzied look to it particularly in the action sequences.<br/><br/>The music had some decent rock tunes on its own, but they don&#39;t always suit the tone of the film. The action itself is alright, but I couldn&#39;t properly enjoy it because the editing felt very awkward and frenzied, so any skill and intimacy was lost.<br/><br/>Dialogue-wise, Abduction is awful. It is very laboured, cliché-ridden and doesn&#39;t flow very well at all, complete with pop-culture references that I agree will date quickly. I liked the concept of the film, but I wasn&#39;t engaged by the story. The more dramatic scenes are unemotive, stodgy and contains Abduction&#39;s most stilted moments, while the ending is anti-climatic, the beginning was cheesy and plot points are poorly incorporated and resolved. I admire films that deal with themes that people can identify with, with Abduction using isolation and loss. The film&#39;s problem however is that it doesn&#39;t do anything with them.<br/><br/>Abduction&#39;s acting doesn&#39;t fare much better, with nobody looking natural in their roles. Taylor Lautner(he as an actor and the Twilight films I am very indifferent to) is wooden in a very irritating sense. He doesn&#39;t have enough charisma for the action and he seems very disconnected in the dramatic elements of the film. His abs look great but that&#39;s it. Lily Collins looks wonderful, but does or is given little else beyond that. Alfred Molina is a good actor, but not given much to do, while Jason Isaacs is wasted and Sigourney Weaver tries her best but hindered by awful dialogue and a character, like everyone else in all fairness, that I didn&#39;t care for at the end of the day.<br/><br/>Overall, a hopelessly bland, derivative, poorly acted and stilted film. 2/10 Bethany Cox
Abduction pays homage to the Hitchcock classic North By Northwest through the central character of Nathan Price, portrayed by the often lauded yet intrinsically grounded Taylor Lautner - who brings to the table the youthful enthusiasm present in his seminal portrayal of the Werewolf Jacob. Like Cary Grant, he is thrust into a world of mystery, intrigue and government conspiracy when he is forced to flee from home with no one to trust, accompanied only by a contemporary Eva Marie Saint, in this case rising teen sensation Lily Collins.<br/><br/>The film also draws inspiration from Tarantino&#39;s modern classic Kill Bill, through the inclusion of a David Carradine-like character in the guise of the Nathan&#39;s absent father.<br/><br/>The dialogue alludes to modern conventions present in teen drama and escapist fantasy, for instance the Molly Ringwald 80&#39;s coming-of-age classics, the Chronicles of Narnia series and of course Stephanie Myers opus, the Twilight saga. Yet &#39;Abduction&#39; goes beyond the limited scope of Twilight by engaging the audience in the machinations of a conspiracy reminiscent of cold war thrillers much like Spy Game and the more recent Bourne trilogy.<br/><br/>The intrigue of the central antagonist, Koslow, plays off the fears and concerns of today&#39;s youth, forcing Nathan to confront the tragedy within his family and the realities of his absent father. Perhaps most damning of all was Koslow&#39;s threat to &#39;delete&#39; all of Nathan&#39;s Facebook friends - a true villain for the 21st century.<br/><br/>&#39;Abduction&#39; is a huge move for Swedish sensation Michael Nyqvist (Koslow) to the Hollywood mainstream following his turn in the Swedish adaptation of Steig Larson&#39;s Millennium trilogy. Abduction also serves as a wake-up call for less contemporary stars like Sigourney Weaver of Aliens fame, and Alfred Molina who rose to prominence following the release of adventure classic &#39;Raiders of the Lost Ark&#39;.<br/><br/>The most risqué element of the story itself is the lack of any abduction within the film. We wonder what hidden meaning cinephiles will draw from what on surface would appear an error yet perhaps alludes to deeper elements within the plot.<br/><br/>Abduction is not just for Twi-hards, but lovers and believers in contemporary cinema, underdogs who love a film which punches above its weight and action junkies who relish the antics of a main character with Statham-like reflexes and prowess. <br/><br/>We eagerly await Lautner&#39;s next outing and hope that the promise of a sequel will be fulfilled.
Aside from such dutiful fan service, the film is a haggardly slapdash "Bourne Identity" knockoff, never rising above the level of basic competence.
Nathan Harper (<a href="/name/nm1210124/">Taylor Lautner</a>) finds a photo of himself on a website for missing persons, so he and his friend Karen Murphy (<a href="/name/nm2934314/">Lily Collins</a>) set out to uncover the truth about his life. Contacting the site to learn more about himself results in Nathan becoming the target of an intense international manhunt involving the CIA, his therapist Dr Geraldine &quot;Geri&quot; Bennett (<a href="/name/nm0000244/">Sigourney Weaver</a>), Serbian terrorists, and his real father Martin Price (<a href="/name/nm0000551/">Dermot Mulroney</a>). The script for the movie was based on a story idea by Jeremy Bell. The screenplay was written by American screenwriter and frontman for the rock band Stellastar Shawn Christensen. &quot;Come On, Get It&quot; by Lenny Kravitz. Hamilton Khaki Field Black Automatic Dial Watch
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