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The story of student-soldiers trying to protect a middle school during the early days of the Korean War.
Yet another Korean Wae epic here this time 71: Into the Fire (Korean: 포화 속으로 - Pohwa sogeuro - literally, Souls On Fire, or, more precisely Fiery Souls). Based upon real life events, this deeply tragic movie depicts a heroic battle near P'ohang-dong school where 71 badly prepared and under-equipped South Korean student- volunteers defended the ground against much dreaded North Korean 766th Unit. Despite very heavy losses and sustaining large number of casualties, the students stood their ground and kept the school. The film is a classical South Korean cinematography with awesome battle sequences, tremendous nature shots, excellent development of characters and very masterful balance between serious and funny, tragic and comic, deep and cowardly. This ,ovie is not devoid of drawbacks, too, including some ammunition and weapon anachronisms as well as some too much Hollywood style dialog lines and final battle moments. Anyway, this is a very cool and strong film
Possible Spoilers<br/><br/>The film makers copied the look and feel of &quot;Saving Private Ryan&quot;…but, action wise, it has far more in common with &quot;Wind Talkers&quot; or &quot;Miracle at St. Anna&quot; then &quot;SPR&quot; or &quot;Band of Brothers&quot;. Their is lots of shooting, violence and gore in this movie, but that doesn&#39;t make this a realistic war movie, its just a bloody movie. Nothing bothers me more then watching a soldier run through hundreds of missed shots and exploding grenades, as the &quot;hero&quot; skillfully shoots the &quot;battle hardened&quot; (but apparently incompetent) enemy to pieces.<br/><br/>Their are so many aspects of this film that make decent drama, but are defiantly NOT realistic or historical. An example; 70 student soldiers, each one of these (untrained) students is armed with a Garand rifle and 250 rounds…these boys manage to hold off, and kill a thousand battle hardened North Korean soldiers. Well, I say they killed thousands of soldiers because they sort of disappeared all of the sudden. One minute you see them marching up to the school…and 10 minutes later the North Korean General is facing &quot;our hero&quot; alone on the rooftop.<br/><br/>Anyway…if you want to enjoy a war drama, go for it. BUT if your looking for a realistic war movie…walk away.

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